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Kaleidoscope of Creatures

Written by Cath Ard & illustrated by Greer Stothers & published by Wide Eyed

“Why do some animals stand out whilst others blend in? Why are some male animals so much more flamboyant than their female counterparts? Why do some animals change colour?”

There is no shortage of children’s books that look into animals on the market, but Kaleidoscope of Creatures breaks away from the others with a mixture of striking visuals and by tackling aspects of the animal kingdom that is often ignored by other book.

Kaleidoscope of Creatures doesn’t look at individual animals instead it examines why animals are the colours that they are. It looks at whether animals have fur, or scales, or feathers and what this means for the animal. It looks at camouflage and aposematism. It doesn’t shy away from these potentially complicated subject, and represents the next step in teaching children about the animals of the world, especially those with bright or unusual colours. I foresee this playing a vital part in the home education of our children, and I throughly recommend that you get a copy as soon as you can.

This book has given me plenty of ideas for our flash cards in the near future and I think it would be a solid addition to any bodies library of toddler and young children's books.

Teaching Ideas


  • Look what colour an animal is, why might this be the case?

  • What is camouflage and what does it do?

  • What is aposematism and what does it do?

  • What is the different between fur, feathers, and scales?

The book on the publishers website

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