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Paolo, Emperor of Rome

A book by Mark Barnett

It is hard to express just how much I actually love this book. Part story, part history lesson, and party geography lesson, Paolo the dachshund give us a tour of his beloved home city. From the ruins of the Roman Empire to staying with the Pope in Vatican City this book has everything.

Paolo, Emperor of Rome is one of the longer picture books in our collection, coming in at 52 pages so it is certainly a lengthier bedtime story. The book follows the adventures of a dog who runs away from their owner to explore the city. Our hero takes us through the city visiting sites such as the Colosseum, and other ruins that are dotted around Rome. He also leads us down the serpentine back streets of the ancient city and takes us to some of the more famous landmarks.

You can use Paolo, Emperor of Rome in a number of ways in your homeschooling, most obviously the book provides a brief overview of Rome that is perfect for geograph, features like Vatican City, the Colosseum, and the Tiber, as well as the architecture shown provide great starting points. Likewise this book makes a great jumping off point for Religious Education, especially when discussing Catholicism. Finally Paolo, Emperor of Rome is an excellent way to introduce Roman History, especially the origins of the city of Rome which are mentioned within the book.

As I final note, the level of English used in this book is a little higher than what you would traditionally find in an average picture book, but this is an excellent opportunity to help expand your little ones understanding of English, and not something to shy away from.

Teaching Points

  • A History of Rome

  • The foundations of Rome, Romulus and Remus, the role of the Colesseum

  • Geography

  • The layout of Rome, the Tiber, Vatican City

  • Religious Studies

  • Vatican City and the Pope


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