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The Ways of the Wolf

Written by Smriti Prasdam-Halls and illustrated by Jonathan Woodward

One thing I am extremely passionate about when teaching my girls is not sanitising the natural world. From a young age I’ve impressed onto them the role of predator and prey, and made sure that they understand that all animals eat, and that some animals eat other animals.

The Ways of the Wolf is a perfect book for this sort of education. It takes a candid look at what it means to be a wolf, how and where’s they live, what they eat, and their role in nature. Examining body-language, the wolf’s senses, and their calls we get a comprehensive understanding of the often maligned wolf.

The illustrations are absolutely fantastic too, they give a fantastic sense of texture and movement, and shows the harsh reality of the hunt in a way that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other books.

Teaching Ideas

  • Biology

  • Wolves, wolves, wolves!

  • The food chain and how animals are a part of it.

  • Evolution, selective breeding and beyond - Dogs, Wolves and other canines And their relation.

The Ways of the Wolf on the publishers website.

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