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Written by Charlotte Debono and illustrated by Julia Fried

As a child I was a little bat obsessed, being naturally drawn to oft wrongly maligned animals, bats were ugly, creepy, and damned cool. So whenever bats are featured in boos I’m going to have to check it out.

“This is the story of Winzig finding his heart and knowing he’s home.”

Winzig is a lovely story of a bat getting lost and finding a new home. This lost and lonely little bat finds friends along the way who help him make sense of the world around him, as well as finding new ways to survive.

The illustrations are charming, giving Winzig a real sense of character. This, coupled with the suggested actions throughout the book will help your little ones really engage with the story.

What I think really helps Winzig stand out is the way German is interwoven throughout the story. It’s an extremely clever, and subtle, of introducing your child to a potential second language without it feeling overly forced or academic.

Lastly at the rear of the book in contains a couple of bat facts, as well as highlighting the risk that they under.

This is a lovely self published book that you can check out here.

Teachong Ideas

  • Bats! Bats! Bats! These awesome little guys are all around us and they are completely fantastic. What do they eat? Where do they live? How do they navigate?

  • German - can you work out what the words mean? What words are similar to English?

Additional Resources

We have a set of Nocturnal Animal cards - use code WINZIG for 20% off.

@nudgiesflashcards offer a number of bilingual flash cards, with an emphasis on German.

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